We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. A mattress is only one part of the sleep experience,

finding the correct support for neck and shoulders plays a large part in sleep comfort too.

A high quality and well made pillow provides correct neck alignment/support for the

head and consistent comfort experience when paired with the mattress.

Natura™ offers 4 great feels that fit every sleep position so you can choose one that’s perfect for you!

Regardless of your normal sleeping positions there are a few basic ‘feels’ that appeal to
most people.

1. Springy (latex)

For variable sleepers, or those that crave consistent, predictable comfort and support.
Springy pillows ensure the correct alignment of head, neck and spine and support the
natural cervical curve for maximum comfort and protection. People who sleep in multiple
positions, typically prefer the flexible and supportive springy pillow feel.

2. Down or feather-like (granulated latex)

For those who struggle with neck or cervical pain. The down-like pillow type moulds
around your unique head and neck curves and is slightly thinner, perfect for back
sleepers. People who complain of neck or shoulder pain in the morning, or have trouble
getting comfortable at night may prefer the down-like style.

3. Conforming (memory foam)

For those who sleep in the side position, requiring a slightly firmer pillow. A favorite, the
Plushious pillow, offers the best of both worlds with memory foam and latex, providing
two different feels within the same pillow.

4. Firm with extra support (wool)

For those who desire a little extra lift at night, and prefer a cradling yet firm support
pillow. Those who sleep on their side are often the wool pillow type. They require extra
lift between head and shoulder to keep their neck and shoulders comfortable.