Natura Collection


About the brand:

• For over 20 years, Natura™ has designed exceptional sleep products for your entire family.
• Focus on every area of sleep, not just a mattress or a pillow.
• The products work together to improve sleep health.
• Largest selection of hand crafted natural and organic sleep systems at most competitive prices with exceptional customer service, on time delivery and made in the United States.
• Committed to a healthy planet that sustains healthy people.

Natura™’s Mission Statement :

To help our customers achieve a superior night’s sleep, alleviate pain and increase comfort through unique and exceptional sleep systems that aid overall health and well being. With our commitment to excellence in service, quality, and attention to detail, we will serve our customer with the greatest care and with the intention of helping them sleep better and live better.

About the manufacturer :

• In 2016 Blue Bell Mattress purchased the rights to make and distribute Natura™ products throughout the U.S.
• All mattresses are fully manufactured and assembled at our facility in East Windsor, CT.
• Our versatility and expertise enable us to continuously redefine sleep industry
standards, developing desirable new products thatm will provide ongoing comfort while respecting the environment.


 • Natura™ products are manufactured in a family owned business with a passion for healthy sleep.

 • Our values are traditional but we have a lively, fun approach to selling sleep.

 • We offer the largest selection in natural and organic sleep products.

 • We address the complete sleep environment, providing mattresses, pillows, top of bed and bedding.

 • We use hypoallergenic wool in our products so your sleep is dry, cozy, comfortable and allergen free.

 • We operate with a dedication to eco-friendly and socially conscious practices; 

the welfare of human beings, animals and our planet remains top of mind.

 • We supply our entire specialty bedding from one location.

 • We help increase your add-on sales with our pillows and top of bed products.

 • We create fresh, exciting POP (Point-of-Purchase) displays.

 • We have the personalized approach and offer a lot of flexibility to our partners.

 • We believe in a better, cleaner world – for work, play and sleep.

 • We are American made.

We don’t ask: "How was your mattress last night?"

We ask: "How did you sleep last night?"

Selling sleep means that you have to include all products that directly relate to healthy sleep and this is what Natura™ have to offer:

 • Mattresses

 • Foundations

 • Pillows

 • Comforter/duvets

 • Mattress pads and protectors

DISCOVER BETTER SLEEP & the Benefits of a Natura™ product

People need a good nights sleep, but too often ‘sleep disturbing allergens’, pressure‑point discomfort, or temperature struggles interfere with getting the rest we need. Natura™ addresses these problems naturally. At Natura™ we provide sleep solutions ranging from pillows, bed toppers, comforters, and mattresses. We look at a person’s whole
sleep environment for answers.

Inspired by Nature, Nurtured by Innovation

Since its inception, Natura™ has focused on quality and value, honesty and customer service and constant innovation to solve sleep challenges.
Your bed should be a haven from the rest of the world, soothing and comfortable, free from irritants and allergens. Simply put, Natura™ matches eco-integrity with cutting edge technology to create handcrafted, naturally healthy sleep systems.
Our products are made with green, natural and organic materials because we know natural is always better.

"We deliver better health through the careful layering of latex and wool, wrapped in plush comfort layers."

Our Natural Approach

Choosing a natural mattress ensures a sanitary sleep environment, free from allergens and microbes that can jeopardize your health.

"While every Natura™ product is unique, our natural components
set them apart from other brands."


Top 10 reasons to Sleep on Latex

 • Contours to the body’s natural curves

 • Ventilated open cell structure promotes air circulation and reduces moisture build up

 • 300% more resistant to dust mites than other types of foam

 • Naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
 • Reduces stress on pressure points

 • Returns to its original shape night after night
 • Choice of firmness option

 • Exceptionally durable – does not break down or need to be flipped

 • Absorbs motion so partners can sleep together more peacefully

 • Naturally good for you

Natural Latex Know How

Natural latex products begin with the finest latex milk from Southeast Asia. In its liquid state, the latex is blended with natural vulcanizing and gelling agents and mechanically frothed with the addition of soap and air. It is then poured into specially designed molds. During this shaping process the temperature inside the mold is reduced to -22˚F (-30˚C). As the frothy mixture gels, individual air bubbles become an interconnecting cell structure – millions of tiny pinholes that result in enhanced ventilation and durability. Once the gelling is complete, the mold is then heated to 230˚F (110˚C). The heat cures the latex to give it resilient properties. The product is then removed from the mold, washed to remove soaps and proteins, dried and finally inspected according to strict standards.

Latex Allergy Concerns

• Latex is a rare allergy caused by the proteins in latex

• Allergic reaction occurs after direct contact with the proteins

• Washing removes almost all proteins

• All of our latex is washed 3-5 times


Our Natura™ Organics line uses Certified 100% Organic Cotton covers. To be 100% Certified no dyes can be used. All other covers are Certified Organic Cotton. 

Organic cotton is the purest form of cotton, grown without toxins, synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO's (genetically modified organisms). Organic cotton farmers have developed creative ways to grow cotton without these chemicals. This is accomplished by the use of natural fertilizers, beneficial insects, and innovative weeding techniques.


Top 8 Reasons to Sleep with NaturaWool™

• Breathable
• Naturally helps regulate body temperature
• Wicks away moisture
• Naturally hypoallergenic
• Deters growth of allergens with naturally dry environment
• Cushions pressure points, eases joint pain and improves circulation
• Reduces tossing and turning by as much as 80% for deeper, healthier sleep
• Entirely natural

NaturaWool™: Why are you so smart?

For centuries wool has been dubbed ‘the miracle fiber’ and science has never been able to duplicate it. The crimped structure of NaturaWool™ fibers create millions of air pockets that ensure an insulating layer of dry, comfortable air next to the skin. This layer buffers the body from extreme cold or hot air, maintaining a comfortable temperature at all times. This relieves the body of thermal stress and steadies the heart rate, allowing for longer periods of deep sleep.

Think that’s smart? There’s more!

During the night the average person loses up to a pint of moisture from evaporation – the same amout in a common 16 oz (500 ml) water bottle. This is why traditional bedding often feels damp and clammy. NaturaWool™ wicks away moisture so bedding stays dry, fresh and comfortable. The airing properties of Natura™’s natural materials deter the growth of allergens that thrive in moist environments, such as mold, mildew and dust‑mites. This means that no more waking up with a stuffy nose, watery eyes or a raw throat.

Certified Organic Cotton means the following:

• No synthetic pesticides
• No synthetic fertilizers
• No genetically modified organisms
• No carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic chemicals
• No non-biodegradable detergents or degreasers
• No chlorine bleach
• No other synthetic chemicals